Jin Giorgio, 2022
Brand Identity 

JIN GIORGIO, an independent clothing brand, launched with a goal of inclusivity and ethical manufacturing based in New York City.

Desires to show the two Founders different backgrounds and cultures — South Korea and Italy — the brand name includes both of the Founders’ names and was created to show sophistication and boldness through their garments.

Visualizing and complimenting the difference between the two Founders vision and goals were the biggest challenge, but their combined goal of reaching all strong, fearless individuals itself achieved inclusivity throughout their designs and advertisements.

The boldness of the brand’s mission allowed the logo to visualize a strong foundation as it spreads across the page unapologetically. Introductions of asymmetrical features and bold statements from each piece were shown through the slanted O’s as the thickness of the typeface were cohesive with their strong-minded design direction they each had for their brand.